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April 2020
21 Apr 2020Fixed "Tax Summary" issue when writing off inventory items with tax code20.2.83
20 Apr 2020Added ability to view and clone depreciation and amortization entries20.2.82
19 Apr 2020Added ability to create custom control accounts for accumulated depreciation and amortization20.2.76
18 Apr 2020Added ability to create custom control accounts for employees20.2.74
12 Apr 2020Added RTL support for Arabic, Dhivehi, Hebrew, Kurdish, Persian and Urdu languages20.2.68
08 Apr 2020Added ability to show total in base currency on sales invoices issued in foreign currency20.2.65
06 Apr 2020Improved "Users" screen so duplicate usernames are shown in red to highlight the issue20.2.64
05 Apr 2020Improved chart of accounts so it can be reordered easier and added ability to have alphanumerical account codes20.2.62
04 Apr 2020Fixed "Summary" tab so empty group headings are hidden if "exclude zero balances" option is enabled20.2.61
04 Apr 2020Fixed starting balance invoices so they display description in general ledger 20.2.60
03 Apr 2020Fixed "Payslip Summary" report so it groups employees by currency if applicable 20.2.59
March 2020
29 Mar 2020Added ability to set custom base currency and foreign currencies 20.2.35
February 2020
12 Feb 2020Fixed sales invoice create function from uninvoiced billable expenses 19.12.26
12 Feb 2020Fixed totals when exporting "General Ledger Transactions" report 19.12.24
11 Feb 2020Fixed form defaults for purchase orders so they do not conflict with lock date feature 19.12.21
11 Feb 2020Fixed VAT calculation issue on receipts & payments where transactions are in 3 decimal digits currency 19.12.20
December 2019
31 Dec 2019Fixed "Total amount in words" function on sales invoices for currencies with 3 decimal places 19.12.12
22 Dec 2019Fixed billable time and billable expense foreign currency issue 19.12.5
18 Dec 2019Added ability to create new billable expenses on debit notes 19.11.98
17 Dec 2019Added ability to set automatic reference number for recurring purchase invoices, payslips and journal entries 19.11.97
17 Dec 2019Fixed naming issue for depreciation and amortization profit & loss control accounts 19.11.96
17 Dec 2019Fixed form defaults for purchase invoices so the supplier field is preserved 19.11.95
16 Dec 2019Fixed billable expenses issue so each billable expense is guaranteed to be independent from one another 19.11.91
11 Dec 2019Hide "Order number" column on "Purchase Invoices" tab if "Purchase Orders" tab is disabled 19.11.90
11 Dec 2019Fixed presentation issue on inventory item starting balance form 19.11.89
11 Dec 2019Improved journal entry form to make it consistent with certain multi-currency limitation 19.11.88
10 Dec 2019Improved report layout so the top-level group name is always in bold regardless whether it's collapsed or not 19.11.87
10 Dec 2019Fixed payee/payer issue when creating "New Payment" or "New Receipt" from balance due transaction screen on invoices 19.11.86
09 Dec 2019Fixed tax payable starting balance issue by converting it from built-in account into regular account 19.11.85
09 Dec 2019Fixed payslip item account issue by converting built-in accounts to regular accounts 19.11.83
08 Dec 2019When clicking "New Payment" button on payslip, autofill "Net pay" amount instead of employee clearing balance 19.11.82
07 Dec 2019Fixed "New Payment" button on payslip so the amount to pay does not include future transactions 19.11.80
05 Dec 2019Fixed customer returns calculation issue for inventory items 19.11.77
05 Dec 2019Added ability to setup recurring sales invoice without automatic invoice number 19.11.76
04 Dec 2019Fixed date format under "Preferences" tab so the same options are available across all systems 19.11.75
04 Dec 2019Added missing fields to recurring sales invoice form 19.11.73
03 Dec 2019Fixed delete issue so customer or supplier with attached delivery notes or goods receipts cannot be deleted 19.11.72
02 Dec 2019Fixed presentation issue on reports so account names don't show as bold text 19.11.71
01 Dec 2019Fixed email date issue so it shows local date instead of UTC date 19.11.69
November 2019
25 Nov 2019Fixed "Inventory Quantity Summary" report to not exclude sales on backorder 19.11.62
05 Nov 2019Fixed "Bank Account Summary" and "Cash Account Summary" reports so they limit account access based on user permissions 19.11.10
05 Nov 2019Improved user permissions so limited users can't access modules they are not granted access to 19.11.9

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